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About MeMe Mobile Premium Media Channel

MeMefy your life and your brand advertising message!!

MeMe Mobile, a subsidiary of Digitata Limited, knows when some 89 million different mobile users have their eyes on the screen... In fact, we know who, when and where.

There is a massive overload of content that consumers can choose from today. It is fair to say that the vast majority of this will not attract the audiences required. Relevant, usable and creative content is critical in attracting the right audiences to your marketing messages.

"The medium has become the message", as Marshall McLuhan said many years ago. When wrapped with meaningful content, we know that audiences are more likely to engage in and take-up the accompanying advertising. This is made more personal for subscribers, when communicated via their own personal phone devices.

Meme-Mobile is a premium advertising channel that offers a unique customer interfacing experience for your brand. Unlike many media types, this delivers a singular opportunity for your brand to get the market results you require. MeMe Mobile offers an innovative premier media channel and advertising solution that presents advertisers' customized brand marketing messages to mobile subscribers on their mobile telephone devices; targeting the consumer based on certain demographic, location and other value criteria, triggered by either the start or end of voice calls.

Meme Mobile's premium media channel adds value and customer experience across the globe, and offers the subscriber various types of content on the USSD platform. The consumer can decide which content is preferable, and the selected content is delivered on his mobile telephone device when he makes a call.

The Meme Mobile Media Channel offers a unique interactive customer experience platform and portal. The platform allows the subscriber to interact with the content delivered, which could be content of interest, marketing messages, or even interactive gamification, while at the same time carrying out database compilation for profiling purposes.

Not only is MeMe Mobile a world class premium media channel carrier, with specifically designed content for individual regions, all supplied in partnership with Kagiso Digital Media, news leader in Africa, but MeMe Mobile also enables marketers to reach more people, across more markets, than with any other medium.

Now, marketers can target their marketing message to the right type of person, in the right place, at the right time-- repeatedly, with consecutive messages. MeMe Mobile can measure exactly who responds, where they responded, and to what they responded. This gives the marketer unsurpassed control and unbeatable measurable results.

The MiMeme portal allows clients to track their campaigns in real time and offers the client detailed post-campaign insights and statistics.

Trials in markets in Africa and a live implementation with a major mobile operator in southern Africa have confirmed the impact and immediacy of this medium.

MeMe Reach

MeMe Mobile's collective reach encompasses some 25 markets, and exceeds 89 million consumers within emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This places MeMe Mobile in a unique position to reach those consumers in an unintrusive manner, at a fair price, and in a traceable and measurable way.

MeMe-Mobile's premier media channel is fully targetable using the data available to DTS™, and is fully measurable. MeMe Mobile is able to provide precise information regarding:
- who received the message,
- when they received the message,
- their location when they received the message,
- the number of unique impressions etc.

MeMe Mobile also provides the MiMeMe portal for real-time campaign tracking as well as comprehensive post-campaign data statistics, management reports and insights.

Text-only messages can be sent via USSD with 160 characters available for the message. Typically messages would be delivered either before the called party answers or immediately after the call ends. Advertisements could be a simple statement, like a company or product pay line, or could include a call-to-action, directing the customer to an interactive USSD or SMS-based application, or to a mobile web site, or gamification.

Advertisements are appended to value-adding messages, which would typically include data relating to the current call such as duration, charge, account balance, and savings made. Such data is of interest to the customer, and is provided by the operator as part of normal business practices. The appending of the advertisements to this kind of information increases the chance that it will be read by the customer, and not discarded as unsolicited spam.

Benefits of MeMe for Mobile Network Operators

  • MeMe Mobile offers Mobile Network Operators access to new revenue streams, using existing infrastructure.
  • MeMe Mobile taps into new revenue sources such as brand advertisers, gamers, and content providers, rather than existing customers.
  • Integration with MeMe Mobile is straightforward.
  • Network load impact of MeMe Mobile is minimal.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of MeMe Mobile is minimal.
  • Comprehensive auditing is available.
  • Outsourced system operation and recruiting of advertisers.

Benefits of MeMe for Mobile Content Providers

  • MeMe Mobile provides an opportunity to interact with the customer via automated applications, including the gathering of further customer information, gamification or redirection to a mobile web page.
  • All phone generations are supported within the 2G and 3G technology range (and this can be extended to 4G if required).
  • Messages can be generated at rates of thousands per second, to match the typical transaction rate of large mobile networks.
  • MeMe Mobile offers a mechanism to reach customers in inaccessible areas where the cost of any type of hardcopy advertising would be prohibitive.
  • MeMe also offers a convenient channel for public service messages such as health, education, and disaster warnings.
  • Messages can be managed globally from a central location.
  • Every reach (impression) can be traced and results measured.
  • Consecutive messages can be planned and conveyed to the same subscriber. This makes it the only medium able to reach exactly the same consumer, time-and-time again, with consecutive messages, in a measurable way. This enables test marketing of various marketing messages to the same consumer to measure variable response rates.
  • MeMe Mobile also enables test marketing of changing messages, various consumer offers, different price breaks, and so on. This means that the tool can be used to experiment in various areas, with different retail environments or consumer profiles.
  • MeMe messages can also be linked to social media sites and other information sources.
  • Messages can be customised per mobile subscriber, based on a range of parameters.
  • According to available global research, mobile phone media has one of the highest response rates of all media types.
  • And mobile is also highly personal.